Lifeline VI

Helplink South is a non-profit making organisation with charitable status providing socially monitored alarms to the older person, persons with disabilities, or special needs and anyone living alone.

Our aim is to Restore confidence, independence and peace of mind and encourage people to remain in their own homes and be a member of their own community.

Helplink South provides a 24 hr service 7 days a week 365 days a year. We supply, install and maintain the socially monitored alarm and pendant. Simply by pressing the pendant which is worn around the clients neck or on their wrist, within seconds they are in contact with the monitoring station who’s team of professional caring operators will be able to make voice to voice contact, enabling them to reassure or send for whatever help is needed.

Radio Output Module (ROM)

Allows other compatible devices, to transmit a signal to a Lifeline 400, 4000+ and other Tunstall telecare enabled systems, eliminating the need to hard wire a sensor or detector to the Lifeline home unit.

Monitored Carbon Monoxide or Gas Detector

Warns of dangerous levels of poisonous gas given off by faulty heating equipment.

Bogus Caller

Fitted near the door to raise an alarm if you are in any doubt about a caller.

Fall Detector

Automatically detects a serious fall and raises an alert to the call centre.

Minuet Watch

This has been developed to help encourage telecare users to wear their personal triggers throughout the day. By combining an alarm button with a high quality watch, users are more likely to wear it and as a result will be provided with additional protection as their ability to raise an alarm is increased.

Bed Occupancy Sensor

Monitors bed occupancy and generates an alarm for a number of different circumstances. The sensor can also be linked to bedside lights. A chair occupancy sensor is also available.

Smoke Detector

Dangerous smoke raises an alarm for investigation – available in mains and battery versions.