How much does the Lifeline service cost?

The equipment is funded through the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and administered by Pobal.

However, there is a fee for monitoring the alarm which you will be asked to pay. Contact us here for information.

How do I pay for the Lifeline service?

When you order your Lifeline unit through Helplink South you can choose to pay by direct debit per quarter, per six months or per year. We will need you to complete a Direct Debit form which will be set up with your bank for payments, or you can opt to pay using Laser or a credit card. Helplink South can send you an invoice quarterly, six monthly or once a year. On the day of Installation you will need to pay the first payment.

Who would benefit from the Lifeline service?

The service is available to anyone of any age who would like to feel safer, more protected and independent in his or her own home. It also provides numerous benefits for:

  • The older person or persons living with disabilities.
  • Individuals who have been discharged from hospital and require additional support and assistance at home
  • People at risk of domestic violence, racial harassment, repeat victimisation or burglary
  • Those living in high crime areas
  • People of any age living alone

How is the Lifeline service installed in my home?

The Lifeline is supplied with simple installation instructions and all that is required is a telephone socket within 2 metres of a mains power socket.

How will I learn to use the Lifeline service?

The technician will show you how to use the service and will leave instructions before he leaves your home on the day of installation. Then all you need to do is remember to wear your pendant (personal trigger) and press it whenever you need help. If you would like to ask a question about the service in future just press the pendant and one of our operators will be pleased to help you.

What happens if I push the personal trigger but can’t get to the home unit?

The Lifeline home unit contains a powerful loudspeaker and microphone.

What do I do if I move home?

Just ring Helplink South and inform our operator. We will update your records with your new address. We also need you to keep us informed of changes to your keyholders and medical history. Just inform Helplink South with your new address.

We can either do one of the following:

  1. Arrange a technician to call to your new address and install the unit.
  2. In some cases we can send instructions and you can install it yourself. Then test the personal trigger and let us know that it has worked.

How far away from the home will the pendant (personal trigger) work?

This depends on your house (e.g. thickness of walls) however on average the personal triggers work up to 50 metres from the Lifeline home unit. This should ensure it works in all rooms within your house and the majority of your garden. We recommend that you test your pendant (personal trigger) when you install the service to see what the coverage is in your home.

How can I be sure the Lifeline service is working?

We recommend that you test your personal trigger every month to ensure it is working properly. When the call is answered just let the operator know that you are testing the service and that everything is ok.

Can Lifeline be used if there is an extension telephone/Internet connection being used on the same telephone line?

All extension telephones should be plugged into the Lifeline 400, in accordance with the installation instructions, to ensure disconnection of normal telephone calls when an alarm call is made. A good quality filter must be installed on the line for use with Internet connections including broadband.

What happens if my Lifeline stops working?

Again just contact Helplink South and give a detailed description of the fault. We will organise a visit from our technician or in some cases to speed up the process we will contact one of your keyholders and talk them through how to fix it.

Is there a Maintenance charge?

Definitely not. All maintenance calls are free of charge.

How do I cancel the Lifeline service?

Please press your personal trigger and the operator will help you.

How do I contact Helplink South?

Telephone: 090 6445081
Fax: 090 6444891
Email: patricia@helplinksouth.com

Helpdesk South, c/o ACT Building, Ballalley Lane, Parnell Square, Athlone, Co. Westmeath.