Helplink South Covid-19

Helplink South wish to confirm that despite the challenging environment we find ourselves in, our commitment to you is ensuring that we offer the best service we can. 

Our 24-hour monitoring centre is operating as normal and this will continue, to ensure an effective continuous service throughout the duration of the COVID-19 global pandemic and beyond.

Helplink South are:

  • Focused on ensuring the absolute safety of all our customers, staff and the wider community 
  • Have contingency plans in place to ensure a continuous staff
  • Currently putting in place several measures to enable clients to receive telecare and pendant alarm units, while prioritising health and safety.
  • Have briefed all our installers on safety measures while visiting the homes of our clients.
  • We understand that the alarms and installations are a lifeline for many people, and we take this responsibility extremely seriously.
  • Our installers are working tirelessly to support our clients and their families.
  • Our staff are regularly briefed on the best work practices in sanitizing the work area ensuring the highest of hygiene standards.
  • Any staff member who is ill or becomes unwell is told to stay home.

As a result of Covid-19, we have made some changes to the installation service that customers should be aware of: –

  • Helplink South installers will now deliver units to the client’s premises
  • Will carry out an installation which has been pre-agreed with the client or a family member.
  • Clients can also opt for equipment to be delivered by Our Courier
  • Full installation instructions and details of telephone support will be included with each alarm unit.

Where our client requires Helplink South to install the alarm:

  • Our installer will pre call the client or the clients family prior to installation
  • Will wear protective clothing i.e. face mask and gloves
  • Will disinfect the monitored alarm and any surfaces they had been in contact with while on the premises.
  • Installers will complete the installation form by telephone with the customer.
  • For forms requiring a signature, including the installation form, our installers can temporarily do this on behalf of the customer to avoid unnecessary contact. We can then post out a copy of the signed form or scan/email to you.

For clients:

  • They must remain at least 2 metres away from the installer at all times 
  • They can choose to remain in a different room until the installation is complete.
  • The installer will inform the client when the alarm is installed.
  • Should a client require a mobile device, this can be arranged by contacting us. It can be pre-programmed in the office and posted to the client’s home.  

If at all possible to avoid the handling of cash Helplink South would appreciate if all payments could be paid by Visa Debit/Master card by using our on-line payment service, or call the office @ 0906445081

Keep Safe from all in Helplink South